Every Sunday, Andrew and Jennie went to Drossos.

Mom would get to sleep in, and Dad would wake them up for the same Sunday, every Sunday.

Stop #1 was 7-Eleven for coffee (we got 90% milk, 10% coffee), donuts, and newspapers.  Stop #2 was the marina to watch the forklifts put the boats in the water. 

And Stop #3 was Drossos for mini-golf. 

Over the years, they got to know the owners of Drossos: Gus, Min, Elaine, and their family.  They got to see where the balls went after the clown’s nose.  They learned that the 17th hole slopes left to right.

Fast forward 25 years:  Jennie followed her dream and became a chef, attending the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) in New York and, eventually, leading kitchens at Ouest, Zengo, and Wolfert’s Roost in Westchester. 

She always wanted to open her own restaurant on the North Fork, using the freshest, most local ingredients from the land and sea.

Andrew works in advertising and went to Michigan for a couple of years to get his MBA.  Nobody seems to know exactly what he does now, though it likely involves lots of meetings with powerpoint presentations.  He always wanted to build something with his sister and craft a business with their values – fun, creativity, and a little bit of weird.

And now they’re back at Drossos, working on their dream, side-by-side with Elaine on the next project for the historic motel and snack bar.  Stop by for modern twists on classics, made with ingredients grown and caught right here on the North Fork. 

jennie andrew cropped.jpg

Stay for a round of mini-golf and a soft serve cone. Have a little fun, and remember the secret of the 17th hole.